In another demonstration of overcoming their own productive capacities and faithful to the innovative spirit that characterizes the brand, PLA presents its STC Planter for coarse grains. A machine that can be prepared to fertilize in the line or to the side of it during sowing, or be used for the sowing of fine grains with a kit specially adapted to this purpose.

It´s a self-tranportable equipment with a rear fold, whose main feature is a small central frame and 2 big foldable and articulated side wings.

In this central frame are the main support wheels, the support hopper and the drawbar of the machine. Also, the lateral wings will be arranged longitudinally (in the same direction as the drawbar) at the moment of transportation and they will be arranged transversely to the drawbar when the machine is in working position (see following image) using external support wheels and a central pivot point to support itself.


● Greater speed for the operator.
● Agility and versatility.
● Greater adaptability to technological packages.
● Maneuverability.
● Less loading time.
● Better care of the seed because of air conveyance.
● Great autonomy.
● Lower transport width (according to law).
● Reduced turning radius in headland.