This is an Autotrailer planter, with lifting system and hydraulic rotation. Hoppers of greater capacity, built in rotomolded plastic material, all this provide great work autonomy.

It has a robust and at the same time flexible chassis that allows to work in complicated lands, achieving a better copy of the relief.

Its height allows the operator easy access for maintenance tasks and to move row units changing machine configurations. It also provides a very good stability during transportation.

There are 3 different models:

– AGP III G12 (12 rows at 52,5 cm) – AGP III G14 (14 rows at 52,5 cm) – AGP III G16 (16 rows at 52,5 cm)

All models can be configured at distances 35 cm, 38 cm, 42 cm, 52,5 cm, 70 cm and 76 cm It has a transport width of 3,5 m and admits mechanical dose meters with horizontal plate or pneumatic. It is equipped with gearboxes of 58 speeds for seeding and 32 speeds for fertilization.


● Lift system and hydraulic rotation.
● Transport width 3,5 m.
● Robust and flexible chassis.
● Great ground clearance.
● Plastic monohoppers of great capacity. Greater autonomy.
● 16″ double planting disc and cardan transmission.
● Mechanical dose meters with horizontal plate or pneumatic for seeds, chevron type, for fertilizer.
● 58 speeds for seeds and 32 speeds for fertilizer.

josedasilvaAGP 3