AGP G 21 a 35

This model has a single drawbar system for work/transport, with pivoting chassis of hydraulic drive about the axis of the wheels, for a quick transfer from work position to transport position and vice versa. The rotation mechanisms, safety blocks and sequential hydraulic markers are operated from the tractor through a pack of electrical valves.


It has a transmission system for seed and fertilizer with hydraulic motors and variable dosage. Chassis raising and rotating mechanism is supported on a rotating ring and a four guide tower. It is operated by means of two three section telescopic cylinders, double effect.


400/60 x 15.5" tires, maximum flotation – ply rating 16, mounted on individual forks for every wheel. It has reflectors for planter inspection and position and flashing lights for road safety. You can have access to hoppers and turbines by folding ladders on both sides of the chassis. It also has wide-ranging platforms for safe movements.

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