AGP II F 37 A 17,5

The auto-trailer system is pioneer in the country, with proven effectiveness for over 20 years. Variable distance between rows at 17,5 cm – 35 cm – 52,5 cm and 70 cm, with no need to move the units. It has an optional kit for thick grain.


AGP II planters have great autonomy and passing between stubble thanks to the right distance between planting units. With a hydraulic lifting system these PLA equipments can change from transport position to working position with speed, ease and practicality, and can be operated by one person from a command on the tractor.


There are two basic models AGP II F. The larger model consists of 37 separate rows at 17.5 cm distributed as follows: 19 lines in the front and 18 lines on the rear bar. The second model has 33 lines, with 17 rows forward and 16 bodies on the back bar. Both models share the same constructive criterion.

This planter can also incorporate an optional kit to plant coarse grain through a horizontal plate mechanism on 35 cm, 52.5 cm and 70 cm spacing. The planting units which are not used can be locked in the raised position to prevent ground friction.

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